Metal Powders

Out of several ways of converting metals into powder ATOMISATION and ELECTROLYSIS are the process followed at KMP to obtain finest quality of metal powders .

1- Atomisation :-In this process molten metal is broken up into small droplets and rapidly frozen before the drops come into contact with each other or with a solid surface.The principal method is to disintegrate a thin stream of molten metal by subjecting it to the impact of high energy jets of gas or liquid. Air, nitrogen and argon are commonly used gases, and water is the liquid most widely used.

2- Electrolysis :- In the electrolytic refining of copper, the impure copper is made from the anode in an electrolyte bath of copper sulfate, and sulfuric acid . The cathode is a sheet of very pure copper. As current is passed through the solution, positive copper ions, Cu2+, in the solution are attracted to the negative cathode, where they take on electrons and deposit themselves as neutral copper atoms, thereby building up more and more pure copper on the cathode.